Data provision for June


We will be provisioning the next allocation of data to students on the 3/4th June as the previous allocation will expire.

You are encouraged to make sure that we have the correct cell phone number reflected on our systems.  If you have changed your number during May or failed to update before the previous deadline, please make sure that you update it at . You may use the same link to verify that the correct number is currently on the system.

We are unable to provide data to international numbers or to numbers on Virtual Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) e.g. FNB Mobile. Should you fall into this category, please make sure that you provide an alternate cellular number. The numbers captured on the system by Sunday the 31st of May, will be what is used for the allocation of data for June.

If you do not need the data allocations, we would appreciate it if you could opt out. In this way, monies saved can be reinvested where they are most needed among our students. You can opt out at

Be assured that the University is trying very hard to make sure that you are able to study during these times and we wish you strength as you continue with your studies.

ICT Services