HR Managing Return to Campus Processes


To ensure a safe and controlled return to campus by those critical and essential staff members identified and approved to physically work on the University’s grounds to prepare for a gradual resumption of activities, a series of interventions has been put in place.

Each of these steps is also in full compliance with national directives.

1. Identification of On-Campus Employees

All line managers, from both the academic and Professional, Administrative and Support Sectors (PASS) of the University, must forward a list of staff to HR of those staff members who will be returning to campus under lockdown level 3 restrictions. This is so the University is aware of and has an accurate record of who is on campus should contact tracing be necessary.

The guiding principle remains however, that staff who are able to work from home must continue to do so. The University is intent, as far as possible, to limit numbers on campus.

For more details, contact

2. COVID-19 Prevention Training

It is compulsory for all staff to complete online training for COVID-19 prevention measures before returning to campus. This is to ensure that all staff know what these prevention measures are and will practice them. Full details on the online Moodle training will follow shortly. In the interim, however, those who wish to arrange a virtual training session for their team, should contact

3. Health and Wellness Declaration

All staff will shortly be requested to complete a health and wellness declaration stating whether they have comorbidities (pre-existing medical conditions) or not that make them more vulnerable to the virus. Everyone, regardless of whether they have an underlying illness or not, has to complete the form.

Similarly, anyone 60 years or older will not be allowed back onto campus without special permission.

Each of these interventions, along with the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (contact to arrange this) and the daily pre-booked screenings for staff, is to effect the best possible effort to keep staff safe and prevent the spread of the virus.  

Coronavirus Task Team
Human Resources Workstream