Increased vigilance as Mandela University COVID-19 numbers rise


The addition of 10 new COVID-19 cases among Mandela students in the past 24 hours should serve as an urgent warning to remain increasingly vigilant.

South Africa is in its third wave of COVID-19 infections, as evidenced by the sharp increase in the rate of infection across the provinces.

To this end, and in a bid to swiftly bring the spread of the virus under control, all mask-to-mask sessions will be halted from today until we determine when it is safe to resume them. Likewise, all planned in-person assessments are to be transferred to online platforms or deferred until it is deemed safe to return to mask-to-mask sessions.

Lecturers will communicate changes to assessment and learning and teaching schedules in their modules.

In the interim, please see attached COVID-19 document, or go to the coronavirus website for all supporting materials on managing the virus.

You are urged to practice all COVID-19 preventative measures and observe all on-campus protocols to stop the further spread of the virus.

Many of our COVID-19 positive students have been asymptomatic, showing no signs of the virus. This is why it becomes critical to always wear a face mask in all our buildings and even when you are walking to or around campus. By doing so, you protect both yourself and others by wearing a mask.

This, accompanied by the other preventative measures of sanitising hands and maintaining a safe distance, will assist in the ongoing efforts to contain the virus and curb its impact on the academic project.

It is in your hands.

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