Mandela University Vaccination Rollout Indicator


The response of University staff and students to the COVID-19 vaccination opportunity will be visually captured in a syringe graphic on both our staff and student portals.

With every vaccination recorded via the Department of Health’s Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) and linked to our own digital vaccination digital system, the level within the syringe will rise.

The adjacent graphic will be used to signal vaccination-related communication as the vaccination rollout programme gains momentum.

The syringe graphics on the staff and student portals will be adjusted as the rollout programme happens for our Mandela community. This is much like our Tree of Victory graphic which visually captures our COVID-19 recoveries. 

Phase 1
The level reflected on the staff portal to date is due to our own health care colleagues who, as part of Phase 1 of the rollout programme, have already been vaccinated.

The graphic also captures the level we need to reach to achieve so-called herd or population immunity (67%), towards halting ongoing transmission of COVID-19. While Mandela University’s own efforts towards herd immunity will not be sufficient since we are part of a wider community, we are confident that monitoring our progress will be helpful.

Phase 2
Preparation for Phase 2, targeting those with comorbidities, over the age of 60, and those living and working in crowded environments, is now underway.

Registration for those over the age of 60, as part of above group, was opened on Friday, 16 April.

All staff and students over the age of 60 will need the following to register:

  • Access to the internet
  • Your ID number or passport (non-SA) and general contact information. Your cellphone will be used as the primary mode of communication
  • Your medical aid details.

Registration link:

For additional information relating to the EVDS registration process go to our coronavirus website.

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