New COVID-19 Non-Compliance Reporting Tool


The University has developed a new non-compliance reporting tool as part of its ongoing, integrated efforts to safeguard the wellbeing of staff and students on its Gqeberha and George campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simple reporting and tracking

The new online tool allows you to both anonymously report non-compliance issues and track progress in addressing these failings – be it anything from the absence of hand-sanitisers through to the gathering of large numbers of people who are not wearing masks.

Access link via Staff and Student Portals

You can access the Non-Compliance Tool through both the staff and student portals:

The incident form takes you step-by-step through the reporting process including:

  • Location of the non-compliance
  • Type of non-compliance, including a space for other misdemeanors not included in the drop-down menu
  • An opportunity to upload a photograph of the non-compliance

While the system is anonymous, those reporting any non-compliance incidents are welcome to include their name and contact details as this information is fed directly to the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Office.

SHE is responsible for all safety compliance matters across our campuses.  

Track your case

The system, one of many developed internally by ICT Services, also allows you to track the progress of the incident your reported to ensure that it is timeously addressed.

Way forward

Additionally, the new system will enable the University to have a better grasp of any gaps in its COVID-19 compliance, and holistically improve its efforts towards staff and student safety.

Coronavirus Task Team
Safety, Health and Environment Workstream