Phased Resumption of Student Shuttle Services


The University’s student transport system has resumed in line with the gradual, phased return of notified students to campus.

Student Transport

With safety a priority, the new, limited shuttle service is linked directly to the permit system. Therefore, the Shuttle Service is only for those notified students who have accepted the terms and conditions of returning to the University under COVID-19 Lockdown Level 3 restrictions.

At this early stage, to assist in managing the new system, all such students need only complete an online form to identify their preferred pick-up and drop-off point as per the former shuttle pick-up points.

The Shuttle Service will operate in line with the academic project, with student names, venue and timetable details being forwarded to Transport Services well in advance to enable the necessary supporting service to said students.  These students will receive the supporting transport schedule.

Shuttle Safety Regulations

In order to operate the system in line with national safety compliance measures, students will need to practice the necessary COVID-19 prevention measures (wearing a mask, sanitising hands and physically distancing where this is possible).

In addition, in order to travel to and from campus, qualifying students must comply with the following:

These stringent measures are aimed at protecting students, which is also why others without the requisite proof will not be allowed to board the shuttles.

Lecturer Notification

Students are only permitted to come onto campus if their lecturer has notified them of a learning and teaching or research activity that they have to attend OR if they have made a booking to access a computer lab on that day.

In both instances, proof of being notified to come to campus or of having made a computer lab booking must be shown at the entrance to the campus, otherwise access will be denied to the campus.

Coronavirus Task Team
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