Return to Campus Student Guide now available


The University that students left behind in March has changed drastically as new ways of working, studying and living have been introduced to enable us to complete the academic year while remaining safe.

This electronic Guide serves as a convenient go-to reference in helping our students to navigate these changes.

The Guide includes:

  • Academic information, relating the various pathways and new ways of studying
  • All COVID-19 health protocols – including prevention and surveillance support
  • Wellness and psychosocial support
  • Online booking links for meals, transport, nutritional support and the like
  • Processes to follow if notified to return to campus.
  • Key contacts

For ongoing additional information as further changes are made, always consult the Return to Campus webpage on the coronavirus website.

The general Return to Campus Guide, which offers a general overview of all the new protocols, especially for staff, is also available on this page. 

Coronavirus Task Team

Communication and Marketing Workstream