South Campus entrance reopens


In a bid to alleviate growing congestion at the North Campus entrance as staff and students adapt to the new COVID-19 compliance checks, the South Campus boom entrance will also be opened from Monday, 5 October.


COVID-19 compliance processes

The same necessary COVID-19 compliance processes - temperature screening, hand sanitising, scanning of staff and student cards, sharing of your COVID-19 online screening result and official return-to-campus permit - will also take place at this entrance.

Supporting proof

Please ensure you have all of the above ready for sharing before reaching the University campus entrances to allow for a speedier access to campus, as only those who have the necessary permits and are wearing masks will be allowed to enter.

Please be reminded that the University’s particular context and environment does not allow for a 100% return of staff and students and that it is still operating in line with Alert Level 2 Lockdown restrictions.

You cannot – as either a staff member or student – just return to campus.

There are formal processes to be followed. (Please see the attached return-to-campus flow chart for staff to follow the embedded links providing the necessary approvals.) 

For those staff who are returning for the first time, an initial screening session with Occupational Health is necessary. This must be pre-booked via  Thereafter, like everyone else, please continuously self-monitor your wellbeing on the COVID-19 online self-screening tool on

It is the result of your screening that you should share with those monitoring staff and students at the entrances.

Patience and support

We acknowledge that there will be initial challenges as we adapt to a new normal.  We are working on identified shortcomings in terms of the monitoring the entrances with, for example, the introduction of crowd-control fencing and other interventions. But please feel free to share your concerns or offer your ideas to

As an open campus, however, we will need to rely on staff and students to take responsibility for their own wellness, and that of others, by ensuring that they take responsibility to check in with the COVID-19 monitoring officials on each of our campuses. Scroll down on this webpage to see the various screening stations:

Coronavirus Task Team

Health Services, Technical Services and Protection Services Workstreams