Student vaccinations on the rise


As of today (28 October) Nelson Mandela University has vaccinated 4200 students across its various vaccination centres and residences.

Students are able to be vaccinated at both the North and George Campus vaccination centres as well as at the University Occupational Health centre and in their residences.

Offering vaccinations at both on and off-campus accredited residences across the Metro, was in response to an initial low uptake by students, a phenomenon that is being mirrored nationally in the 18 to 34-year group.

The University can only return to some semblance of normality by achieving herd or population immunity (67% of us need to be vaccinated), and hence its ongoing encouragement to both staff and students to vaccinate.

Residence managers are encouraged to contact or call  041 504 1149 to make arrangements for the Student Health Services team to visit.

Vaccination Rollout Workstream

Student Vaccination Team