Vaccination Hub - Change of times and open for 50-plus staff and students


Kindly note that Mandela University’s Vaccination Hub is now open from 09:00 to 14:00 on Mondays to Thursdays and 09:00 to 12:00 on Fridays.  

Although the official starting date for vaccination of staff for over 50s was scheduled for 15 July, we are inviting all over 50s staff, their spouses and students who also qualify to come to the University’s vaccination centre to come for their first vaccination.

Please try to come in the morning so that the University’s health colleagues can assist you as a staff member.  Please register on the national Electronic Vaccination Data System (EDVS) and then you can now be vaccinated on campus once you have registered.    

Full details as to the way forward in terms of the on-campus vaccination opportunity for staff and students will be shared as the various phases of the national programme are rolled out.

Please check out the vaccination journey video .

For all queries, contacts and vaccination-related information, please go to the University’s vaccine rollout page

Coronavirus Task Team

Vaccination Rollout Workstream