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Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund

“The purpose of the Mandela University Convergence Fund is to mobilise resources for Nelson Mandela University to assist in addressing serious societal issues like hunger and deprivation in communities in support of our Hubs of Convergence.”

As South Africa navigates the national COVID-19 lockdown, hunger and food security in communities have emerged as critical challenges. Despite the interventions by SASSA and other government agencies and NGOs, poor communities are suffering untold hardship. Given the socioeconomic challenges in this region and the immediate need for resources to aid the fight against COVID-19, the University is of the view that the establishment of a Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund, to which staff and students can make monetary donations, on a completely voluntary level, would serve as direct assistance to the needy in our immediate community. This fund builds on the University’s existing commitment to create Hubs of Convergence and to partner with civil society and communities to assist in resolving pressing societal issues. It also seeks to extend the University’s COVID-19 interventions beyond supporting government to also supporting communities.

Donations so far


List of Beneficiaries

Handover of food parcels and masks

Methods of payment:

  1. Online debit and credit card payments
  2. Direct deposit (EFT)
    EFT payments may be made into the account listed below.
    Donors must please include the cost centre “X180” as part of their transaction description.
  3. Recurring salary payments
    Staff must please contact
  4. Donations in kind
    Please contact Dr Oswald Franks (, 082 889 6967)

Bank details

Account Name:
Nelson Mandela University Trust


Branch Code:

Account Number:
16 4017 2998

Swift Code: 
ABSAZAJJ (international payments)


The objectives include:

  1. Mobilising resources for the University to contribute directly to challenges facing communities during the pandemic and in its aftermath
  2. Enabling the University to partner with civil society organisations, NGOs and other relevant structures to address poverty, deprivation and hunger in a pragmatic and practical manner
  3. Providing the University community with a practical mechanism for expressing solidarity by donating funding to address inequalities in our society
  4. Giving practical expression to our value of ubuntu
  5. Helping to foster a more humane society, and
  6. Advancing the development of Hubs of Convergence at Mandela University.

18A Tax legislation

Donations to the Convergence Fund are tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Information required for Section 18A tax certificates is catered for in options 1 and 3. For option 2 (EFT) please provide your name, postal address and proof of transfer in a separate email to


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