Research and Innovation response to COVID-19


Research Activities @ Mandela

The CEO of Universities South Africa (USAf) has requested universities to respond to a call in mapping out the available capacity at various public South African Universities in order to rapidly provide assistance to the public against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nelson Mandela University has identified the institutional strength and on-going research efforts that are available to provide a rapid response in assisting the South African government to protect the public. This mapping will help identify the areas where the university may be best positioned for impact in the immediate, short and long term.

The following interlinked thematic areas, termed mega-themes, have been identified based on the available expertise and research & engagement strengths of the university.


The University's contribution through these mega-themes is intended to be aligned with efforts to prevent transmission of infections and limit the impact of morbidity and mortality on the general population, thereby reducing the impact on the health system and allowing it to function optimally.