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Architectural Technologist

Architectural Technologists are the practical executors of the architect's conceptual designs. Their work involves drawing, site surveying, presentation preparation, detail and landscape design, preparation of working drawings and supervision of the building process.

Available Qualifications:


  • Minimum NSC statutory requirements for diploma entry must be met.
  • An applicant with NSC Grade 12 Mathematics or Technical Mathematics requires a minimum Applicant Score of 330.
  • An applicant with NSC Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy requires a minimum Applicant Score of 345.
  • NSC achievement rating of at least 45% for Mathematics or Technical Mathematics or 60% for Mathematical Literacy.
  • Qualifying applicants will be required to prepare a prescribed portfolio and attend an interview. Some applicants may be required to attend a three-week "preparation to architectural technology" qualification course prior to registration.
  • Selection is based on the submission of a creative portfolio of work, comprising drawings, sketches and other creative or technical projects, as outlined by the Department as well as an interview with the department’s staff to discuss the creative portfolio.
  • International applicants who are unable to present themselves for an interview must courier the portfolio or send an electronic copy with a covering letter to the department. The final selection of applicants will only be finalised after the Grade 12 results have been received by Admissions and the Department.

Recommended NSC subjects:

  • Visual Arts
  • Design
  • Physical Science
  • Engineering Graphics and Design

Mathematics is compulsory and subjects like Art, Science, Woordwork and Technical Drawing are given priority during selection of candidates. Selection is, in addition to the above,  based on an extended selection procedure which applicants must attend.