Public Awareness and Understanding

Mega-theme 2: Public understanding and awareness

Name of Research and Innovation Area Research Group or Wntity Name of Targeted Intervention Project Group Leader
Mega-theme: Data analytics and research information Sub-research theme: e-health and mHealth NMU mHealth research groups Target participants – rural citizens in the EC Province (focus on women) mHealth information platform for: An intervention response to contagious disease (CD) early detection
Supply chain integration of medical supplies and skills across multiple health institutions

Technology: phones phones

mHealth modalities e.g.

Create mhealth platform OR
Modify existing platform
Test platform Pilot platform Roll-out platform
Prof Brenda Scholtz
Prof Janet Wesson
Dr Temitope Tokosi
Mr Nathan Smith
Mr Themba Makubalo
Multi-lingual educational information Centre for Community Technology (CCT) Covid-19 interactive awareness and educational materials Production of video and multimedia materials in 3 languages Darelle Van Greunen
Using story telling as educational rapid response to COVID19 Faculty of Education Design audio and hard copy story books for Families (adults & children) in rural and township contexts.
These stories will be written in isiXhosa, Afrikaans and SeSotho.
Educational stories that address the following issues: Mathematical word stories, tips on reading, gender based violence, resilience, hope, autism, etc. Prof N. Mdzanga