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PLEASE NOTE: The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is not considered a postgraduate qualification, but rather a professional teaching qualification aimed at graduates interested in teaching as a career, after completion of their initial undergraduate qualification (e.g., AdvDip or Degree). Therefore, the PGCE qualification is listed under the ‘Undergraduate’ tab on the online application system and not under the Postgraduate tab.

Prospective postgraduate students who wish to study at Nelson Mandela University in 2024 are invited to apply online for honours, master’s or doctoral degree using our online application system.

Honours applicants are encouraged to consult with the relevant faculty before submission, as some courses have closed.

Masters and PhD applications are open throughout the year

Thank you for your interest in Nelson Mandela University.

Prospective postgraduate students who wish to study at Nelson Mandela University in 2024 are invited to apply online for a postgraduate certificate, diploma, honours, master’s or doctoral degree using our online application system. 

In order to ensure adequate time for application, processing and planning by the University and yourself, applications for early admission in 2024 should be submitted by 4 August 2023. Places in some qualifications are limited, and it is therefore in your best interest to submit your application form and ALL supporting documentation as soon as possible. Late applications may be considered after this date, if there is still space available in the course you wish to apply for, and on academic merit until 30 September 2023.

  • Your application form must be accompanied by:
  1. a certified copy of your matriculation/school leaving certificate,
  2. certified copies of your diploma/degree certificates plus academic record(s) and certificate(s) of conduct,
  3. a certified copy of your ID,
  4. a certified copy of the identity document of your parent/legal guardian/surety,
  5. declaration by your parent / legal guardian / surety if you are a dependant, or studying at a higher education institution, or do/will not have permanent employment when applying or studying at the University.
  6. postgraduate (U24) application form.
  • The outcome of your application will be conveyed to you via our website (by tracking your status) and SMS. Please ensure that we have your correct cell phone number.
  • If you are admitted, you will receive registration information in November/December.
  • Final acceptance depends on the submission of your final academic record and certificate of conduct if you are currently studying elsewhere.